Silicone Tubing for Trade

Silicone Tubing at Trade Prices

I If you buy silicone tubing in quantities of 25 meters or more Gecko Optical can supply silicone tubing in the way that best suits your production needs.


  • Custom silicone tube sizes to suit your specific application
  • Custom coil lengths of silicone tubing to suit your production requirements
  • Competitive pricing on 25 meter rolls
  • Custom cut lengths to fit your process, this eliminates on-site cutting and ensures the silicone rubber tubing is ready for use

We can provide custom sizes and packaging, and guaranteed response times, delivered on time, every time.

Our Silicone Tubing is made from 100% silicone elastomer. It is environmentally friendly and unlike its plastic alternatives, releases no toxic fumes when disposed of by incineration.Gecko Optical is one of the largest suppliers of Silicone Tubing in Australia.

Silicon Tubing is extremely flexible and has excellent memory characteristics.

Silicon Tubing is ideal for many applications. Silicon tubing has been developed for consistent quality providing dependable performance.


Silicone Rubber Tubing (VMQ), meets the following standards:

  • BGA XV, FDA § 177.2600, DAB 10, Ph.Eur.2.Edition
  • Test for cytotoxicity according to SOP 9.11.10, EN 30993-5,12
  • Durometer 55 Shore A
  • Temperature range -60°C to +200°C, short periods up to +260°C

Silicone tubing is now available from Gecko Optical here in Perth, Western Australia, we despatch to anywhere within Australia. NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT, South Australia, NT & Tasmania.

Please see our competitive pricing for Silicone Tubing by the meter pricing.
Please contact us for trade competitive pricing.